A few years ago I had a liberal friend telling me that Republican men watched a lot of gay and trans, and incest porn. I was honestly curious so I looked at the numbers and they seemed true. Then I went to the site.

Let's just say that titles aren't everything. Almost all cis porn is titled 'step sis' and gay porn is as likely lesbian or a DP than two dudes. Trans porn? Let's just say I have a line I didn't want to cross but it wasn't quite what we think on a cursory level. Needless to say the statistics don't always line up with what's actually being watched. (not even getting into the hidden meta data that porn providers use for SEO.)

That said, I have heard that girls who have gotten into hard porn are quite turned off from the traditional cis rough poundings and seemingly obligatory anal. When girls prefer romance novels, what the hell are they going to think of traditional porn?

Anyway, it's a big mess. But I'll leave you with this comedy bit to brighten things up.


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made my day! coke zero! I always love the stories of Repub politicians getting busted for gay sex - who was the senator from Montana or Wyoming busted in an airport bathroom? As for the stats, I would agree with your take on the stats - but with so many niche levels it's mind blowing. there is a niche called Futanari Clone - you get off with a transgender clone of yourself. Ultimate Narcissism? The research for this post went down some dark holes -and freaked me out to what adolescents and teenagers are into. Far cry from JUGGS.

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