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Two small points: Charlemagne had been dead for about two hundred years by the time of the battle. The Anglo-Saxon king was Harold II. William of Normandy wasn't actually French, he was Norman, a colony established by Viking raiders.

Charlemagne wasn't even French. He was King of the Franks, a Germanic Tribe, more properly called Karl der Grosser.

At the same time another Viking, Harald, led an invasion that conquered Aachen (an ancient walled city today, currently located in Germany, but it had gone all over as part of Belgium, part of

the Netherlands, part of France, part of Germany. I did med school at Aachen and practiced psychiatry there for a short time.

Aachen is unchanged physically since before the battle. He got Aachen as a consolation prize for failing to capture York in England, near the Scottish border.

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Digging this week's playlist! I don't think I've heard anything besides "Year of the Cat" by Al Stewart in a long, long time.

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