I really enjoyed this piece and think you made some powerful points.

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Ric, you know I love you and support you. I agree with what you have written; I have an observation that I believe points out a missing item. While we're moving toward a multiracial citizenry, I see us moving away from the promise of multiculturalism. The self-proclaimed elites are forcing the rest of us into uniculturalism, with only a single culture and tribe allowed to survive. That tribe is the one fueled by race war profiteers.

Every new ingredient adds potential to the melting pot. The less in-breeding, the better. I favor increased immigration and a decreased focus on race, as well as securing our borders so that we can establish a baseline from which to move forward. Each of these supports multiculturalism; declaring that the only tribe allowed to exist is the one that declares all ills are due to ubiquitous white racism/supremacy, that all white people are guilty of original sin that can only be expiated by renouncing their privileges, and abasing themselves expensively and publicly, and proclaiming the evils of our systemically-racist nation.

We need a 180-degree reversal on that before things will improve.

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That's why i write! I so appreciate your support bill, i earned another paid subscriber today.

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