Sunday Funday

Big Waves and Bull Rides. Hang on!

There is too much going on the past two weeks. We need a breather. Imagine doing this for a living…


Or how about riding a 100 footer? Just another day at the office, right…

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If that seems a little too crazy or if you don’t like the surf, maybe something back on the turf?

Lest you think the Bulls never win…


So there we have it. Just some free souls doing what they were born to do. Watching these bring out the inner surfer and bullrider in me. I hope they cause a pause in your day.

Think about what you were born to do. What extreme sport or adrenaline-rush symbolizes your inner being? Does visualizing it drive your passions forward? Does it inspire you to push on?

What would happen if you brought the same energy and intention to a Big Wave or Bull Ride that you bring to your day-to-day existence? Would your intensity and commitment allow you to make the eight or paddle back out?

If not, something is wrong. Not with you, but with what you call motivation. Take a look and explore your desires and what you bring to the situations and circumstances you find yourself in.

Has something unwanted happened to you and your reaction is “Oh crap, that always happens to me.”

Think about that.

Unwanted things always happen to me.

Does that sound like a person living and being intentional? Or a lost soul bobbing along with the flotsam and jetsam in the river of life? I think The Moody Blues sang it best in their classic Knights in White Satin.

Just what you want to be
You will be in the end

Want more. And get more. Enjoy the day and make it everything you want it to be. Be intentional.


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