Dec 31, 2022Liked by ric leczel

Yeah..you have gotten to be a better writer…just since I’ve been reading (6mos)… keep it up!

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Happy New Year, Ric! I don’t want James to puke, but I love the LA pics, so keep ‘em coming! Maybe offer Dramamine as part of a paid subscription? :)

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Dec 30, 2022Liked by ric leczel

The Fred story, simple and profound, executed well with thought and knowledge. The rest was the same old stuff we have been reading for the last 2 years. Most of it copied and pasted from previous articles with links to previous or other articles to make it seem longer. All has been said before many times in a nonsensical chaotic structure to cause anxiety to its reader. If I see one more picture of downtown LA, I’m going to puke. Maybe take a different path to work Bucko and get a different shot. I find this article to be another feeble attempt at self-indoctrination. Write the fucking book asshole.

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