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This is the first time I've taken conscious note of your extensive use of questions. I guess that's one reason why we meshed.

Questions have far more value than answers. The right question, understood and contemplated, begins to elicit the parameters of reality for the responder. That is of inestimable value. The right answer to the wrong question is useless.

That was my job for years. I asked questions to establish the real business issue facing the individual. It's a specialized art. Most people calling themselves consultants are expertise-based consultants, such as the one we worked with a couple of times on writing for SEO. She had the expertise in a single area. An issue-based consultant determines the more important information, that often always is cross-functional.

When I've defined the real issue, the next step is figuring out what drives the issue and what levers are available to influence the drivers. Then comes implementation, which in most cases is done cheaper, faster and better by expertise-based consultants. Sure, I can implement. The Kentucky Derby winner can pull a plough, also.

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