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Is the problem racism or the unprecedented inequality?

The MSM and social media like facebook, youtube and twitter censor anything that doesn't go along with the official story of the truth. They allow no avenue to argue main topic/case. They have effectively shut down freedom of speech, expression, debate and access to information.

The government will not stand up for public opinion or desire. We have no voice in social, government, or foreign matters, or our own personal choices. What we have here is effectively a FASCIST state. Taxation without representation.

The only way to communicate now is by tricking the system or finding platforms that allow open discussion. Billionaires buy up every opening, so truth tellers are resigned to hopping from site to site in order to be heard. We have our own underground railroad. Get on board.

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Great comment Boris. I am proud of Substack so far, as they have resisted the eternally-disaffected shrill-scolds and their insane demands for whatever pisses them off today.

as I see it, there are individual racists who because of the internet can now find others to create vocal but inept herds of lunatic think-alikes to gather into MSM wet dream-nightmares. Writers like Taibbi, Greenwald and Tracey make it hard to ignore all of us here. And if all of us rally to the cause of truth and liberty, the power of numbers exponentially will overwhelm them. Defy!


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Racism is a subset of tribalism. In fact, the terms can be used interchangeably, although racists are a particular breed of tribalist. The term "racism" is used because we all agree it's a bad thing, even if we don't agree on what it means. So, if I call you a tribalist most people within hearing range will be looking around for Aztecs and Apaches, instead of Ivy League MBAs. I recall the day sixty-odd years ago when I posed a question in Sunday School class and used the phrase 'New York natives.' The teacher laughed, insisting there were no natives in New York, only in Africa and other backward places. That took me on a very short journey to concluding most adults have very limited vocabularies.

English is a very rich language to describe phenomena, perhaps because we have fewer gender-agreement requirements. The whole concept of intersectionality was proven absurd about forty years ago when an automobile insurance firm published electronically its categories of risk pools for drivers in a state. It included more intersectional categories than drivers in the state.

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