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"I am proud of myself. I’ve been published. Again. Multiple times." And you should be proud, Ric. Congratulations!! I admit that I don't know any of the music you write about--I'm a Glenn Miller/Stan Kenton/Johannes Brahms person. :-( Doesn't matter. Congrats again.

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-- Failure is the result of effort. Success is the result of serendipity.

True only if you understood how each came about.

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Loved the intro (?) part of this. One of the upsides about writing is getting a little bit better every day. Maybe that's just me? Oh, and a good editor is worth their weight in gold. More importantly, congrats on getting published in Mxdwn again! That's gotta feel great.

As for Sisters of Mercy, my favorite song is "Dominion."

A couple of Qs:

1. What was the Leeds scene like when they first started?

2. Who (if anyone) influenced their sound?

3. Is Doktor Avalanche still around?

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