We appear to have lost the ability to engage in reasoned discourse. Every difference of opinion must result in obscene ad hominem attacks. The purpose - to educate, enlighten, explore and persuade - is no longer seen as worthy. A major cause is that many people simply don't listen to one another. Instead, they begin thinking of the next witty thing they can say in response, rather than actually listening to someone else. Breaking one's self of this self-destructive habit is indeed difficult. It is, however, well worth the effort.

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Aug 20, 2021Liked by ric leczel

That was a great skit and an even better read . Thank you , I’ll have to admit I used to love a good argument until I was with someone that would get very angry verbally and I lost my passion. These days it feels safer for me to just agree to disagree.

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Thanks for the comment! My goal is to improve arguments PR. I confess i too get lost in an emotional argument, but going back to basics is good sometimes.

Also, counting the personal pronouns in one's writing is very revealing and humbling. Give it a shot!


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