Memorial Day Prayer

Rest in Peace All Who Gave All

The death of a loved one, whether it happened yesterday, just last year, or decades ago is a crushing blow. Closure comes from the passage of time. But healing is often harder to accomplish with busy lives and demanding schedules.

A particular misery of death is delayed notification of the passing, and lack of knowledge about the final resting place.

Memorials honor the life and death of a person and provide comfort to the living. Monuments create a physical place to pause and meditate, to reflect and regather, to breathe and contemplate.

This Reflection Monument was made with you in mind. My hope is that it will help you find peace, to remind you to be present in the moment.

A simple Buddhist prayer for the dead

May I know myself forgiven for all the harm I may have thought and done, May I accomplish this profound practice of phowa, and die a good and peaceful death, And through the triumph of my death, may I be able to benefit all other beings, living or dead.

On this Memorial Day, I pause and reflect on the human beings who proved how much freedom actually costs. Words cannot express the honor and reverence for those who made the unknowable sacrifice.

Their death allows us to live. Please remember that.