Gonna Be Some Changes 'Round Here

Brief update on Red Neck, White Skin, Blue Collar

I lead a blessed life. All of you are part of those blessings. Thank you.

My re-entry into the working-out-of-the-house segment of the population is now in full swing. The real estate market is red-hot, my skills are in demand, and work is flowing my way.

I am actually wearing long pants and closed-toe shoes. And socks! What has the world come too?

The best part about appraising is setting my own schedule. It allows me to maintain my woodcraft and writing. That is super important to me.

We didn’t all go through a year and a half of isolation to go back to old-normal. If you find yourself stuck in the same rut that your were in before the Now-Normal, that might require some introspection on your part.

On the Substack front, I was fortunate to be chosen to participate in a series of classes to help support new writers. It has been incredibly helpful. I won a raffle prize!

Free professional editing services by a group called Proofed. I’m also exploring Canva, a platform design tool. As the process unfolds, I will write about my progress. Stay tuned!

This will be the next step in my platform, and I believe, a real evolution for me. I want to focus on creating a platform that aligns colors and textures and media and writing seamlessly.

My readers have made a commitment to me. Some of you have made financial support part of that commitment. For those of you that enjoy my content for free, please consider paying me for my work. I am eternally grateful for the opportunity.

I am committed to all of you, and to producing content that makes a difference in your life. That difference does not have to be world-shaking. If I make you smile, or make you mad, good. If I bring a new thought or bust an old myth, good.