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Have you ever wanted to publish your writing?

Does Red Neck, White Skin, Blue Collar Bother You?

This is the inaugural original post under my new flag, Compass Star Wordsmith.

Welcome to madness. I created this section as a remedy for a problem I am not sure exists. Please help me out on this.

I imagine a new reader seeing the title of my platform and coming to a conclusion about the nature and content of my essays. Like most humans, I always assume the worst about myself.

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Guest Post Here…

Well, problem or not, here we are under my new banner. And I am creating this thing on the fly. And I need some of your help.

Substack offers some amazing tools for growth, diversity and success. I want to explore multi-media in this space. I want to feature guest artists and writers, speakers and singers, poets and slackers.

I am inviting one and all to send me your story, in whatever medium tells it, and share it here. I am interested in the five elements of life that I believe create culture

Life / Food + Music + Art + Craft + History = Culture (L/5e=C)

I write about tribes, colors and cultures here, in case you came to this space from another place and time.


Seeds of Joy Community Garden

The Wife and I have threw in with a charity that we fell in love with and support whole heartily. They have created an amazing beautiful garden for families to grow their own gardens.

Focusing on holistic range of wellness, from gardening to cooking to yoga to canning to you name it. If it helps a human be more human and connect with a neighbor, then it is probably worth doing.

Help us do more and connect with more

If you are local to SoCal and have a free Saturday, October 9, come out to spend some time with us. We will be making healthy pizzas, reading children’s books, painting rocks, and all other kinds of fun stuff.

If you are not blessed to live in Cali (or escaped!), please consider supporting our efforts with a donation. Money isn’t the only legal tender that would help.

If you have connections to health and wellness related activity supplies, let us know. Yoga mats, games, puppets, kids books (new please, as we feel it is very important for children to have a brand new book, not one that someone else has read).

Sponsors have been buying carts of gardening supplies from Lowe’s for us to pick up. Items donated include soil, tools, kids gloves, vegetable and flower seeds, canning and preserving supplies. Use your imagination, we can use it!

Connect here with Caramel Connections Foundation.

And they’re off, said the monkey as he backed into the lawnmower!

Grandpa Smitty

Keep reading, start feeling, and stay vulnerable, the world needs you!